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Special Deputies Program

Authorized by statute, Special Deputies, sometimes referred to as Reserve Deputies, are unpaid volunteers from the community that are used in a law enforcement capacity at the discretion of the Sheriff. Traditionally, candidates are approved and trained in the basics of safe law enforcement practices. They are most often used by agencies to augment the law enforcement presence at large events. In such a capacity, they are paired with a full-time, well-trained officer.


The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office uses Special Deputies, but not in the traditional manner they are used by other agencies. Our goal is to identify an individual who possesses a specific skill-set that will enhance our ability to serve our community. Those selected will be well trained and well versed in their particular area of skill. Once sworn in, they are called up for service when the situation requires the implementation of their skills. Currently, our Office utilizes the expertise of two such Special Deputies.

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