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The Kneeling Knight

In 2012, recognizing our units were in need of a new “brand”, the Sheriff tasked deputies with creating a logo that would replace the traditional five pointed “star” that has long symbolized the Office of Sheriff.


The result of many weeks of toil and effort resulted in the “Kneeling Knight.”  The Sheriff, very much a traditionalist himself, was reluctant to approve and requested an explanation.


The Knight has long symbolized the protector of the weak and an aggressor of all that is evil.  He is kneeling, with his head bowed, suggesting he is a “servant” first, humbled to all he “serves.”


The traditional “star” was incorporated as his “shield”, that which protects him from all adversaries and enemies of good.


Finally, his sword is indicative of his skills as a warrior.


Our deputies receive the best training possible to ensure they perform their duties effectively and efficiently.


The latin logo beneath the Knight summarizes it best:


“Inginio Vir Bellator Corde Servi” – “Skills of a Warrior…Heart of a Servant”


The Sheriff was impressed, and the Knight is now proudly displayed as the silent sentry of all our patrol units.



                                                            Lt. Kent Taul

Patrol Supervisor



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